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morning, right? >> wonderful way to start the morning. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report", fa introduced the snail dispenser. now, you know the answer. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> succeeded in arising confusion and suspicion. >> this is unfortunate. >> the muslim cleric behind the ground zero mosque breaks his silence. and says the structure will be built. we'll have the entire story and brit hume will analyze. >> americans don't really care what position you take. they're not bright enough to really understand the issues. >> bernie goldberg says while the economy is a big issue, the incredible arrogance displayed by the far left has turned americans against president obama. bernie will be here. >> they talk about me like a dog. it's true. >> ♪ who let the dogs out who
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who ♪ >> and dennis miller wants to weigh in on the president being treated like a dog. miller will be barking and biting this evening. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the imam behind the 9/11 mosque speaks out and that is subject of this evening's talking points memo writing in "the new york times" today. imam rauf says that the islamic center located near ground zero will proceed but he will make public who is funding it? imam says the community center is a symbol of tolerance and it shows america accepts all religions. he makes some good points. also he doesn't come across as
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beligerent or unreasonable at all but with all due respect, he is making one very large mistake. right now, there are more than 100 mosques in new york city so there's no religious tolerance issue here. or in most other parts of america. there is, however, a big religious tolerance issue in most muslim countries. as they don't accept any other religion. by placing the proposed mosque within yards of the 9/11 attacks with no stated purpose for that, the imam has created a controversy. he did it. simply no reason for the mosque to be there. and if some 9/11 families object as they do, sincere muslims should respect that. talking points believes that tolerance deal swings both ways, right? seems every two minutes, some muslims are offended by america. yeah. we have some kooks who are disrespectful to islam. every nation has them. it's long past time for the
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muslim world to show a little respect and tolerance to america. after all, muslims attacked us in the name of allah. until the imam and other muslims understand the impact of that mass murder, many americans will remain resentful. after all, violent conflicts generated by muslims are raging all over the world. while muslim-americans here live in peace and relative prosperity. as well intentioned as imam rauf may be, the truth is that americans are not seeing much tolerance in the muslim world overseas. respect and acceptance must be earned. deferring to the wish of the 9/11 families might begin that process. and that's a memo. now for top story tonight, will this lingering controversy affect president obama and the democratic party? joining us from washington, fox news chief political analyst brit hume. so you know, i thought when i got back from the break and you took a break up in maine, you were, for the summer, the august
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holiday. i thought this would be over. i thought this, you know, controversy would be done but there the imam trotting out now. he's going to build it and i think it may have traction in november. what do you think? >> i don't think it's going to have much traction in november for this reason, bill. the only reason we're talking about today as you point out is he came out and finally kind of broke his silence on this with this article he wrote for "the new york times." during the month of august which was -- is a notoriously slow news month and this august was no exception, this story was kept alive by the lack of other news and people kept weighing in. the president weighed in and others weighed in. as long as that kept the story alive. people feel strongly about it. there are very large majorities opposed to this, even in new york city, a pretty liberal city. but the fact is i don't think this is an issue that's very high on people's priority list when it comes to what they're gonna vote on in november which is why the sentiment may remain, it may make news from time to time. >> there's so much emotion tied
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into it now. >> there is. there is. >> people aren't going to forget that. and president obama is perceived to be on the side of the imam even though he won't weigh in on "the wisdom" of it, i don't know, i think i'm going to disagree with you here. i don't think it's going to be a centerpiece but i think it's going to be around and it adds to the perception that the president doesn't reflect the values and the feelings of the regular folks. and that brings me to my second point. you've covered bush 41, clinton, bush, the younger and now you're analyzing obama, four presidents. each one of those presidents got into trouble at one point or another in their administration. how is barack obama handling his trouble that he's definitely in right now, as compared to the others? >> i'd say he's handling it pretty poorly in the sense -- just in sheer political terms. i mean, i think the trouble he is in, i think he'd be in some trouble anyway because of the
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economic conditions. and that would -- and look, new president's first midterm elections almost always mean lost seats for his party in the congress. so all of that is in place. the reason, i think, that it is worse for this president, why these poll numbers are among the worst if not the worst that i've ever seen is he's made a series of political miscalculations, very serious ones. you know, his first one was the stimulus bill that was misconceived, it came at a time when the public was worried about spending. then after it was done, he acted as if the business of the economy was finished and he moved on to other things. principally what turned out to be an unpopular health care bill which he obsessed over and worked on for more than a year, he seemed not concerned about the economy in the eyes of many people. all of that has been -- has played out in a way that has been damaging to him and now it's two months to the election, there's nothing that seems likely to turn the economy around in any meaningful way and i don't think there's much left for him to do and he'll flail
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around a bit but i just think that it's all baked in the cake now. and trouble is coming. >> let's get into this a little bit deeper. in president bush, the younger's term, things went south when iraq blew up. ok? and then people say what's going on over there? you know, he was on the aircraft carrier and he said ok, we won the thing and then the thing just blows. in bill clinton's administration, it was the lewinsky deal. all of a sudden this happens and the whole government is paralyzed because he has to deal with these legal issues based on that occurrence. so both of those presidents had to handle those things. bush iraq. clinton, lewinsky. and they watched as their administrations began to totter. obama's watching the economy it's driving him right now. it's just killing him. is his temperament different than clinton and bush in the way he's handleing it? >> i think he's much less skilled politically,
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particularly less so than bill clinton. bill clinton was sneaked up on by the results really that hit him in his first midterm. that was all pre-lewinsky, of course, but it was post health care debacle and the country made it clear that it was not prepared to accept the kind of liberal government that he seemed bent on bringing. and that led to the huge and at the time really somewhat unexpected bloodbath in the midterms that brought the republicans to power in 1994. after that, he respond pretty nimbly. president bush's troubles came prior to the iraq midterm, what i call the iraq midterm which was the -- which was the 2006 midterm in which his party lost control back to the democrats. but remember, he saw the surge through and to successful conclusion, but the troubles in that war and then the collapse of the economy in the wake of the banking meltdown doomed his party in 2010 and brought us president obama who seemed to think that, you know, this
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economy was something he could deal with with one big bill and move on to other things. big mistake. >> all right. >> brit hume, everybody, thanks very much. next on the rundown, bernie goldberg says it's not all about the economy. the arrogance of the far left is hurting the president as well. later, dennis miller and the president obama dog comment. that should be interesting. that should be interesting. upcoming. ♪ [ male announcer ] your first day. you try to lie low, get the lay of the land. but then calls your interior lexus quiet. and automobile magazine goes comparing you to a cadillac. ♪ so much for the new kid fitting in with the rest of the class. the all new chevrolet cruze. starting under $17,000. get used to more. ♪
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>> all the polls say the same thing, the democratic party is in deep, deep trouble. primarily because the economy has not improved. however, bernie goldberg believes there's something else in play as well. in his latest column available on, he says the arrogance of the far left may be driving down president obama's poll numbers. for example, far left "washington post" polar says voters appear to be so fed up with the democrats that they're ready to toss them out in favor of the republicans. this isn't an electoral wave. it is a temper tantrum. liberal "new york times" columnist maureen dowd writes "obama is the head of the dysfunctional family of america, a rational man running a most irrational nation." that's a constant theme among the left, that american voters aren't sophisticated enough to understand what's happening in their country. we're so screwed up, aren't we? joining us from north carolina is bernie goldberg. what makes you sure that the
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left wing arrogance on display, no doubt about that, is affecting barack obama directly? >> well, i can't and nobody can be so sure of it because the pollsters never ask that kind of question. they never say, are you offended that they're constantly calling you names? but it's my strong hunch that this year, while the economy certainly is the number one issue, no question about that, it's not this time around, it's not just the economy stupid, as the saying goes. people don't like being called names. they just don't. if you're against the mosque, the left has been telling us that it's because -- against the mosque in that location, it's because we're hateers and bigots who don't like muslims. if we've had with illegal immigration and think that arizona is on the right track, well, that's because we're bigots who don't like hispanics. if we disagree with barack obama
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on anything domestic or foreign, well, there's a good chance that's because he's a black president and we're racists. i don't think people like that. individuals don't like to be slapp slandered. why would a big group like it at all? >> barack obama is not the one doing it. it's the people -- i don't know whether they like him or not, you know accident a lot of these far left people are turning on obama now. it's the fringe left that's doing it. not the mainstream democratic party. it's the howard deans, those kinds of people that are way, way out there. >> well, not necessarily, bill. you're right, barack obama is not doing it. but people who support him are. let's just use the examples you gave in the lead-in. you've got -- you've got eugene robinson calling the american voters spoiled brats who are throwing a temper tantrum.
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you have maureen dowd of "the new york times" saying that, that the voters are having a weird nervous breakdown. you've got another liberal columnist on an on-line magazine called jacob weisburg saying the voters are childish, incoherent and just acting ridiculous. well, nobody likes that. you know, it may not be barack obama who is doing it but who do you think these people support? these are mainstream liberal journalists. these are not far left wack jobs. they are regular mainstream liberals who support barack obama. as a matter of fact, i think barack obama's most reliable base is the so-called mainstream media and the people out there realize it at this point. and i just -- they're tired of being called names. and i think that's gonna be background music when they go into the booth. >> now, you made a point a few
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weeks ago that the late peter jennings on abc did the same thing. reiterate that point. >> yes. thanks for bringing that up. in 1994 after the republicans took control of both houses of congress since 1950's, peter jennings went on abc radio and delivered a commentary in which he said the voters were acting like 2-year-olds who were throwing a temper tantrum. i mean, eugene robinson ought to be brought up on plagiarism charges. he took word for word what peter jennings said back in 1994. and you know what's interesting, bill, and you know this because we're both in -- you know, at the networks. when one person has an idea, they all jump on the idea. so now, the new theme is the -- the new theme at least this time around is it's the voters' fault. so one brilliant analyst comes up with it and then 20 brilliant analysts come one the exact same
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point and the exact same point is the one that peter jennings made in 1994. it's, you know, they're going back to the future. >> yeah, we're just not smart enough to understand the implications of our dissent or disagreement because if we were smart, we would never disagree. >> that's exactly -- that's -- as ridiculous as that sounds, that's exactly the point, isn't it? >> right. right. that's in the hallmark of liberalism forever, i think. we're the smart people because we run harvard and columbia and you're the idiots because you work for the long island railroad so if you don't do what we say, you're a moron. >> exactly. exactly. you know, let me tell -- i've never said this on the air but i started out having a problem with the mainstream media because of their biases. but after 28 years at cbs news, that wasn't my biggest problem with them. my biggest problem was their elitism, precisely what you just
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said. that they think they're better. better than who? better than all the people who live between manhattan and malibu. it's -- there's a place there called the united states of america. and that's what i think people are fed up with. that they're supposed betters, you know, the betters in the media, better in academia, all of their supposed betters are not better and people are tired of it. i just sense it, bill. i just sense it. >> all right. bernie goldberg, everybody. thanks. we have a brand new poll question for you. this is great. you're gonna love this. who do you think is the furthest left on the political spectrum? howard dean, nancy pelosi or barney frank? you can only pick one.
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>> the naacp has joined with three far left media web sites to talk about racism among tea party members. that's ridiculous. there's racism in every organization. what's the stop the dirty tricks people to going to a tea party rally and holding up a racist sign. the answer is nothing. the whole exercise is stupid much the impact of the tea party is important and here to analyze, the purveyor of
5:23 am, mr. morris. see, my theory is that these kooks on the far left, the naacp, i'm not saying they're kooky but buying into it, they helped the tea party. well, they created the tea party by the power -- >> they help them. look, any racist sign now is suspect. who is that person? person, you know, could be anybody. >> this strategy of filming a rally and then trying to get somebody who says something is core to the democratic strategy this year. they're running ads all over the country where they catch some candidate saying something out of context and they're able to use it in an ad. but i think that the -- that look, i've been at probably 10 tea party rallies over the last five or six weeks. there isn't a racist bone in the movement's body. and -- but they're a bunch of amateurs and people who have never been in politics. they might say something. >> even if the naacp and these
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three other web sites find something, nobody is going to believe it. >> yep. i don't think it's significant. i think the tea party movement has three functions. i think first, it cleansed the republican party. it got rid of the lisa murkowskis and bill bennetts and bob bennetts and a whole bunch of those. secondly, it's animating their march to victory and absolutely giving them the ground game that the party has never had. republicans used to sit back and run tv ads. now they're in the streets. and the third role coming up is keeping congress' feet to the fire and make sure they don't vote for taxes. >> ok. now, your pal hillary clinton, still close, right? >> oh, intimately. >> wait, wait! >> she invited me to the wedding but there was powder on the outside of the envelope. >> you didn't open it. >> i didn't open the invitation. >> you would have wound up in the bottom of the hudson river. a few months ago, she made a comment on the economy from her perch as secretary of state. hurting america all over the world. now she's made another comment
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about it. roll tape. >> our rising debt levels poses a national security threat. and it poses a national security threat in two ways. it undermines our capacity to act. in our own interests. and it does constrain us where constraint may be undesirable. and it also sends a message of weakness internationally. >> that comes one day -- one day after barack obama announces a $500 billion stimulus spending bill that ratchets up the debt even further. accident? >> no, no accident at all. it's -- nothing she does is an accident about that. this, i believe, is the opening side shot, the first shot in the democratic primary of 2012. that's not to say certain she'll run. it's to say she's moving in that direction. if obama gets massacred, yet on
5:26 am
election day which i think people will. i think it will be the biggest route you can imagine. if that sends his poll numbers cascading down wards, then i think there will, in fact, be a spontaneous grassroots democratic demand for new leadership. >> so a primary challenge like ted kennedy did to jimmy carter. that would be bloody, though. >> more like what bobby did to lyndon johnson. yeah. >> bobby kennedy and lyndon johnson in 1968. right. >> the ted kennedy fight was not as much motivated by a feeling that carter was failing but a feeling that he's too centrist which is too hard to believe right now. i think there's a good chance of that happening. we both know, bill, that her sense of integrity and loyalty would preclude a candidacy. >> come on. cheap shots that you're taking at the woman. stop it! stop it! if she decides to challenge, she has to resign secretary of state and begin her fundraising when? >> oh, hillary could raise money in a heartbeat for this
5:27 am
kind of race. she -- the issue is the filing date. she'd have to leave around march or april. >> march or april. >> but the purpose of this comment, it makes it legitimate for her to talk about the deficit or talk about the debt. if you're president obama, you want -- >> one of your cabinet members is out there. >> that's why she's doing it. i have a column on my web site that dissects this but the reason she's doing that now is because she wants to be in play as fighting him on the key issues and remember, her husband balanced the budget and cut the debt. >> her husband, who that was? >> i forget his name. >> dick morris, everybody. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. liberal late night comics starting to mock president obama. does that mean anything? dennis miller mocking all kinds of stuff including a school named after al gore built on toxic ground. uh-oh! hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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>> a job bailout, that he wants to rebuild roads. $50 billion to rebuild roads, going to rebuild runways, going to be rebuilding railway lines, going to be rebuilding his presidency. it's a big, big deal. >> i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world! >> oh, [beep], no he didn't! no! he went $50 billion oprah angel network. you get a hydroelectric dam. you get a hydroelectric dam. you get some type of sewage treatment plant. you get an interchange that had three lanes but were widened to four. yet somehow, remain just as crowded.
5:32 am
yes. wait a minute. billion dollar infrastructure? didn't we do this already? >> all right, now i'm glad letterman and stewart corrected me. i said $500 billion. it's $50 billion when we talked about hillary clinton. i made that mistake. will that satire have any effect on the voters? joining us from washington, fox news analyst and here in the studio, juan williams, fox news analyst. juan, what say you? >> i think this is a moment because, you know, those two, letterman and stewart are big court jesters. they are the court jesers for this king, for this administration so they have previously been the liberals who were mocking president bush and, you know, don't forget the clint clinton scandal, that was different. for the court jesters to be delivering bad news signals how deep the dissatisfaction and it goes into the left and into the
5:33 am
liberal wing. >> does it mean anything to the voters when people like stewart and letterman who are identified with the left start to make fun of their guy. does that mean anything or do voters say that's a clever routine? >> no, you can't miss it. >> i mean, i say that to someone who, you know, i think that what they are seeing in this moment is suddenly vulnerability. the rock star status, you know, it wasn't -- >> it wasn't cool to make fun of barack obama. >> too big. >> making fun, juan. >> everything was -- >> it was almost like making fun of the baby jesus. can't make fun of him. >> i don't know. >> let me pull you back. >> some in the press, that's what they were doing. they were singing "joy to the world" and there comes barack obama. ok, now, mary katherine, the -- the -- if it gets too out of hand, you get marginalized, anybody, you know, they try to do it to me. tried to do it to glenn beck. tried to marginalize us by
5:34 am
morni mocking up and making up stuff and attack. i don't think we've reached that point with barack obama but that's what the danger is. >> he had a long way to fall. there was this comedic crisis in 2008 and 2009 about how are we going to make fun of the new president? he's so cool. comedians couldn't, unlike barack say they just inherited a bunch of bad jokes from the bush administration and not move on. they had to move on. and tell good jokes. and i would draw a distinction, actually between letterman and stewart. stewart actually made a turn earlier. actually in a very early part of the obama administration realizing he had to tell good jokes and sort of poking fun at him in a fairly consistent way. he made me laugh. i was proud of him. i think letterman is sort of a standard liberal grump who is willing to give up laughs in order to fit in with the liberal orthodoxy. he's been harder on barack obama this summer than he was last summer when he was making fun of bristol palin. he's been making fun of obama's vacation. certainly i think letterman is a
5:35 am
lagging indicator of how much regular americans are making fun of barack obama. i think that's fine. >> i think he invited me on the 23rd of september for my new book. so i'm going to ask him. i'm going to ask him about, you know, what did he think -- where do they come from? last question for you, juan. when you see barack obama and i asked this to brit hume in trouble, he's in trouble, you'd say yes? do you think he's handling it all right? >> i think he's handling from the heart. i'll stay that for him. when he says he believes we're in a better situation than we were, that's what he believes. so he's -- but he is flailing about, i will say that, he's flailing about and trying to find a solution right now. that's why he's adding on the $50 billion, gets to be a little much. if you see dave chapel and chris rock start to make fun of him, you know we're in trouble. >> the slurpee address of 2010 was very powerful. >> there you go. when we come back, dennis miller
5:36 am
on the president obama dog comment and a school named after al gore on toxic ground. miller is next.ñ÷
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>> i'm bill o'reilly and in the miller time segment tonight, i was off but got a kick out of the presidential comment on labor day. >> over the last two years, i've taken on some powerful interests. some powerful interests who have been dominating the agenda in washington for a very long time and they're not always happy with me. they talk about me like a dog. >> all i can say is woof! joining us from los angeles is the sage of southern california, dennis miller. he was just jesting, you know, he did a whole riff, the party of no and all that business. but underneath i think president
5:40 am
obama is being treated unfairly. do you disagree? >> who's dog? leona helmsly's? who has been treated with more kid gloves than this cat? can you believe after the crap he ran up the flagpole for the last 18 months, 42 out of 100 americans still believe in him. i mean, the only connection i see between this administration and dogs is that conversion rate on dog years. we've got one job for every seven they promised. that's about the only connection i see. >> and for those of you who are not in the canine world, dogs age seven years instead of one in human terms. where mr. miller was going with that analogy. >> thank you, billy for the cliff notes. >> right. sometimes -- look, for some of the people i have to interpret, i'm kind of like the u.n. interpreter here. we should have little ear phones for everybody and they hear that but what i -- look, i don't mind president obama saying that some
5:41 am
people treat him like a dog. some people do treat him like a dog. it's true and he was laughing about it until he was -- wasn't like that. what i didn't like was that some people actually reported that straight like obama was mad. i thought that was untoward. >> well, what's happening here, bill, is he's gotten too used to the press being so in love with him, everything will look bad to him now. let's face it, a year ago, barack obama could have broken into larry o'brien's d.n.c. office at the watergate hotel and they would have found a reason to legitimize it. now he's getting cranky with them because they're making him look bad. they said this guy is going to save it all. quite frankly if he doesn't get it together soon, it's going to be like this building right here over my shoulder. lights out! and he's got to eventually pull it together here. they have to get this thing back up and running so the democrats can eventually suck it dry again. you got to reanimate this,
5:42 am
folks, there will be nothing else to feed off of. you're killing the host organism. >> we discussed letterman and jon stewart beginning to mock obama in their late night routines. do you think that has any effect in the culture? is that going to hurt him? >> i -- listen, getting mocked by them is its own red badge of courage. you know that. i'm talking about down home, out in the heartland, everybody knows this isn't working. that's the creepy thing. they're used to us throwing brick bats at each other and everybody is saying they're being mean, because they hate them. there's the general consensus in the middle right now that this guy is like any civil service employee, he's a bit of a screw-up. >> starting to worry me. >> the mood of the country is it's not working right now. ok, now -- >> it is not working, billy. >> there's a woman named cynthia tucker who i've never met her but she hates me and by extension, miller, she would hate you because you and i are
5:43 am
friends. that's the way i look at it. if cynthia tucker hates me, she hates bernie and she hates everybody on the program. now, she used to be the editor -- the chief editorial writer or something of the atlanta constitution, they got so embarrassed by the woman that they booted her out of there but she's still at it -- everything is a race deal. here's the latest from miss tucker. roll the tape. >> we haven't talked about the elephant in the room and i don't mean the republicans. race. changing demographics. seer of a white minority. obama's election has suddenly made many white americans aware of the loss of a white majority. that's what this crazy summer has been all about. anti-mosque construction. anti-immigrant ravings. >> so we're afraid. >> you see, did you see that nora? her entire precarious perch in show business is predicated on knotting when anybody says
5:44 am
anything crazy about race. that's it right there. that's the only gravity she has in the business anymore. norra o'donnell. let me say this, cynthia tucker sees everything in the world through the prism of black and white except, of course, the primal battle between good and level. our enemies always get relativistic about them. everything else is black and white. yada, yada, yada. racism is the new doody-head. bring it at me. what am i going to do? she plays the race card like ricky j plays real cards. it's tired. she's played it all out. you know something? if i'm the minority now, can i say something? i'm getting sick of being hassled by the man, cynthia tucker being the man! >> true racism then becomes easier to get away with because nobody believes it when you -- when you present it and that's really a shame. >> who would have thought that racism would eventually be done away with by talking it death. for god's sakes. >> but real racism now is harder to prove because of these people. now --
5:45 am
>> that's the real crime. that's the crime. >> that absolutely is. your new neighbor, al gore who moved in next to you in a giant mansion, all right, because he wanted to be in miller's neighborhood, everyone, has a school named after him. i think it's in l.a. or somewhere in california that's built on toxic ground we find out. i'm shocked, miller! >> our lady of the sacred sunsp sunspot. gore, what a dufus. only he would crank up on the -- on the burial ground from poltergeist. good luck firing a teacher from a green school. you think that's going to be hard? you might as well pre-program 911 into the speed dial in that school. when you tell a dufus who thinks he's saving the world that he or she is not allowed to save the world anymore. when you grab him and say listen, you're a putz. get your hemp bag and don't let the door hit you in the bleeder valve on the way out, there will be craziness in the workplace. trust me.
5:46 am
>> of course, you have the toxic fumes coming up which will create an army of zombies which will destroy los angeles. >> i was catching toxic fumes off gore when i was watching "inconvenient truth." >> all right. dennis miller, everybody, he's rolling. did you see that on deck? wild, cruise ship nightmare! wait until you see this video and these people paid for this. moments away. @q@
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>> did you see that? we begin with more of what bernie goldberg was talking about earlier, crazy stuff from the far left. listen to these two congressmen. >> the real driver of this thing is not 9/11 families. the people who are leading the anti-mosque effort are people who openly proclaim that barack obama is not a citizen. the real organizers of this
5:50 am
thing are people who are just proponents of religious bigotry, nothing more, nothing less. >> you know, whether it's the glenn beck thing, is that going to have an effect in november? these aren't new voters but people who vote republicans. >> these are people who are wearing sheets over their heads 25 years ago. >> joining us now with reaction, fox news juliet huddy. >> that's my reaction. >> ok, this is a serious question, all right. there's no doubt that these people are doing this. these far left people. they're just throwing this crazy stuff out there. everybody is a bigot as bernie said. >> right. >> but why do they do it? because they're not going to convince anyone who is not in their camp already. >> we just -- >> why waste their breath and their time? >> charles krautheimer wrote a great piece about this talking about this. it's this cliched and more importantly disturbingly little go to strategy by the far left to portray anybody who doesn't
5:51 am
agree with him, anybody that doesn't agree with their beliefs as fill in blank. you're against gay marriage, you're homophobic. if you're against the black panthers, you're rais. >> when people invite me on their program, i think about what i want to say. what the topic is, this and that. why bother going on a program and saying just insane stuff? >> because they're not thinking things through and they actually -- it's just -- >> they don't understand how dumb they're sounding? >> apparently -- i agree with you. apparently that's the case. >> ok. >> apparently and they get lots -- everybody is talking about it. >> huddy, i think we just solved this. they don't understand how dumb they found when they say this dopey stuff. >> i am against the mosque. many of my family and friends are against the mosque. >> you hate the muslims. >> apparently i hate the muslims. if they want to talk to me and my mom and dad and tell me i'm a racist or they are, tell me to my face. i'm sick of hearing it. >> huddy is sick of it.
5:52 am
don't do it to her. have you ever gone on a cruise? >> yes, i have. >> you have? >> not after this, though. >> paid a lot of money. mother nature sometimes doesn't cooperate. roll tape. >> ♪ don't rock the boat baby rock the boat don't tip the boat over rock the boat don't rock the boat baby rock the boat don't tip the boat over rock the boat rock the boat rock on with your bad self rock the boat rock on with your bad self rock the boat rock the boat oh yeah baby oh yeah rock the boat yeah rock the boat rock the boat ♪ >> do the moon walk, he didn't want to do the moon walk. >> why did you have to slow mo that? >> that was off the coast of new zealand, i understand, and people pay a lot of money. when you go on the cruises, there's two things you can't control. sanitary stuff so if somebody is ill, the germs go all over the place and the ocean! >> well, this is a freak wave and these things happen, these
5:53 am
freak things happen. this was, you know, 26 some odd feet smacking into this ship and -- >> lucky they didn't wind up like the titanic. >> i think your producers are really demented. they're playing "rock the boat. "eye auto that's my call. we did it! >> look at these people, they're all over the place. they're almost dead. play a song called "rock the boa boat". >> 45 people were injured. >> i hope they get refunds. pinheads and patriots on deck. [ engine revving ] [ engine revving ] [ birds chirping ] [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] what can you do with seven minutes... fifty-nine seconds and thirty-two one hundredths? [ engine revving ] maybe walk your dog around the block.
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or read a couple of columns on the op- page. even shine and buff a pair of wingtips. or, you could silence every skeptic on the planet by blistering through a 13 mile lap at germany's famed nurburgring. inspired and humbled by all the great cars that came before us, like the bmw m5 and the mercedes-benz e63, we didn't see this time as something to cherish. but more a starting line from whh toee keep pushing. the cts-v. the world's fastest production sedan. [ engine revving ] cadillac. [ engine revs ] the new standard of the world.
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. larry king imitating lady gaga. we are not kidding. but first my new book out next tuesday if you buy the book on we will send you a nifty tote bag free. what a great deal. i think you will like the book and i know you will like the bag. now the mail. in that movie clip with dan rather i heard him refer to the indians not pleased with columbus. the explorer landed here in 1493, that was his only landing on american soil that's correct. columbus landed in the bahamas never on the american mainland. the movie script up plies what many liberals believe that
5:56 am
europeans screwed up everything in what became the land of the free. if our ancestors were so bad how did we become the land of the free? ah-ha! ryan: mr. o'i'm 16 am i old enough to read pinheads and patriots? absolutely i'm sending you a copy. >> it helped me deal with bullies and other bad kids. thank you tj you live from a great place. sharon: bill thanks for doing so much for charities. i just direct the donations, you guys make it happen by buying stuff on that's why i created a website and why premium members mean so much us to. we recently gave big brothers a nice donation. by the way miss monica crowd my next interview. janice: a provocative gent bill
5:57 am
o'reilly an articulate, savvy and wiley, speaks his own mine, one of a kind fair-minded folks value him highly. thanks. finally, pinheads and patriots. our pal larry king has nothing to lose any more he's leaving his program in a few months. larry and his buddy ryan seacrest had fun the other day. ♪ can't read our mine poker face, she's got me like nobody. >> poker poker face, momma, poker face, poker face, umm, momma, momma ii >> bill: of course the lady gaga it in they had done that that in saudi arabia they would have been beheaded for guts alone mr. king may be a patriot.
5:58 am
howard dean will be inducked in the pinhead hall -- inducted into the pinhead hall of fame. >> i don't think republicans are haters there's a significant hate wing including talk show hosts like glenn beck, laura ingraham and rush limbaugh. they don't dare cross him. we thought fox worked for the republican party now we know fox run the republican party. bill there are no words, ladies and gentlemen, correction there is one word, pinhead. that it is for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website. if would you like to spout off, name a town if you wish to opine. when writing the factor no codswallop. again, thanks for watching us tonight.
5:59 am
i am bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> top of the morning to you. it's thursday, september 9, 2010. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. president obama for the first time admitting the democrats could actually lose in the midterms in november and he blames it all on one thing. can you guess what it is? >> meanwhile, mother nature unleashing flooding in texas like they haven't seen in years. the lone star state under siege with waters that could sweep away neighborhoods. very latest coming up. >> top of the morning to you. the controversial imam says opponents are putting american lives in danger and they'll pay a price if we don't build it. sounds like outreach to me. bridge builder. "fox & friends" starts right now.

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